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I would love to work with you on your business and financial empowerment.  I work with individuals, businesses, and companies who are seeking strategies to increase profits, reach more people, and create team synergy.  I am passionate about coaching and love partnering with people and businesses as they step into their own strengths and success.

Here are some examples of topics we can work on together, and what I have to offer :

red briefcasefrustration with a service or product line that isn’t selling successfully – when you’re ready to shine a light on the deep truth of why your business sales aren’t where you want them

red briefcaseoverwhelm with your business marketing plan.  When you’re ready for business empowerment, I can help you with internet marketing, creative marketing strategies, and how to stand out in the vast sea of other business owners doing similar work to you

red briefcaselaunching a business.  I can help you with the foundational skills and structure you will need to build to save you time and help you focus your time and energy towards a profitable business

red briefcaseteam synergy strategies – if your business team isn’t relating well, I can help you determine what’s causing the conflicts, and best practices to put the team back together in harmony

red briefcaseEmployee engagement strategies – how to more efficiently unite customer-facing employees with management to develop products your customers want and increase revenue

red briefcaseCross-cultural expertise and coaching in English or French

red briefcaseAdditional markets to consider reaching with your product or service

red briefcaseInvestment learning about your unique business to then be able to offer you a unique marketing strategy

red briefcaseConfrontation and removal of obstacles to your success

red briefcaseCreative ideas for product development and marketing to help make your product or service even better

red briefcaseAlignment of employee and management teams to your business’ core mission

My Style

It’s important to know that I am a direct communicator.  I want very much for you to succeed, and so I like to get right to the heart of what’s holding you back, confront it head on, knock it out of the way, and help you reach the next level of empowerment.

I work well with people that are willing to accept their role in their present circumstances, and ready to take an active role in creating different circumstances.  I also work well with people who have a good sense of humor and appreciate laughing.  Sometimes, you might laugh at me, rather than with me, and I’m ok with that, especially if you come watch me perform Stand Up Comedy.

I am outlandishly creative and believe anything is possible.  I have the best synergy with people and businesses looking for creative solutions to problems and growth, who are willing to step outside the proverbial box and incorporate new ideas and visions.  The more I get to know your business and your goals, the more I am likely to shoot off emails to you in the middle of the night with concepts for you to consider.


“Working with Heather has been an incredible support to our organization. With a variety of tools and approaches, she helped us reach towards and beyond our goals. Through Email, phone, text, personal meetings and really spending time with our business, in all its facets, we felt we had someone who really understood and believed in our work, in some ways more than we did. Her style was mystically very professional and infinitely flexible, almost like she was a member of our family. The direct results of her work were some of the biggest leads and strides we’ve made: increased sales, improved operations and ultimately a better product. In each area we have a mine of knowledge to draw on in the future. We are grateful!”

Prentiss Alter, Bhagavat Life

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Coaching Packages for 2012

There are limited spaces available for individual coaching with Heather. If you have questions about prices or options, you may either use the form below, or, email    Customized packages are available.  The first step is to set up a complimentary interview session with Heather where you’ll determine whether you and she are the right fit. You can set that up by clicking the scheduling button below, and selecting the “Complimentary Interview” session.

Individual and Small Business packages include an assessment, incorporating needs, values and personalities to help you develop a customized marketing strategy.

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If you have a group, please contact Heather about group coaching and pricing using the form below, or by emailing

Customized packages are available. 

For Small and Medium-Size Businesses For the Bold Entrepreneur For Corporations


The BullBusting Blitz – for the Small and Medium-Size Business Owner

This program is for you if you need help developing products and services, or you realize your business has some bull keeping it from the prosperity you’re looking for.

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  • You’re starting a business and need to know the best sales and marketing strategy to implement to cowtapult your business profits
  • Your current product/service line is not selling well and you want to figure out where the bull in your business is so you can send it out to pasture
  • You need someone who has a constant stream of ideas that develop from understanding your business and wanting to help you make lengen-dairy profits
  • You think the word “marketing” should be re-labeled an expletive, it either overwhelms you, or you just don’t know where to begin

Together, we will look at all the aspects of your business, find out what areas are holding you back, and work together to develop the right plan for you to boost your bottom line.


The BullBusting Buccaneer – For the Bold Entrepreneur/Business Starter

This is for you if you’re stuck in “I can’t”, “I don’t know how” and you’re sick of it, and ready to move forward by empowering yourself with ideas, knowledge, and guidance to get really specific on the powerful offer you have for the world!

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  • You have an idea you’re passionate about and want help defining it and getting exposure for your business
  • You’re either starting a business, or trying to put one back on track and you’ve got so much work to do you don’t know where to start
  • You feel overwhelmed by marketing, social media, the internet, and need some help understanding the right online strategy
  • You need help with creative ways to promote your business
  • You want to know how to stand out from your competition while still honoring the core values of what you’re trying to bring into the world
  • You’re ready to empower yourself and learn how to be most authentic with your marketing and selling strategies
  • You’re concerned about financially supporting your business and you want some accountability to keep your finances on track
  • You consider marketing and sales similar to bragging and arrogance.  You want to part in it, but you know your business needs it and you would love to find the way to market yourself without feeling over-salesy, or neausous

We’ll look at your individual business ideas and make sure they are specific, help create the right marketing and social media plan to get you maximum exposure and profits, and make sure you’re spending and budgeting wisely!


The Cow Herding Corral – When Your Team Needs to Come Together

The problems you see: sales are down, creative ideas are lacking internally, employees are demotivated

The problems you don’t see: employees feel undervalued, don’t feel part of the bigger picture corporate mission, and thus don’t contribute creative ideas that could bolster sales and innovation.  Front-line employees gather daily customer-feedback on services and products, and are one of the best, and most underutilized, resources to drive product and service improvement.

This package will help your company create a motivated workforce eager to contribute customer and company-focused product innovation ideas that lead to customer satisfaction, customer retention, increased profits and word-of-mouth sales.  It strives to develop:

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Employee-based processes to encourage:

  • Employee feedback on customer problems and customer wishlist
  • Employee feedback on company processes and structures as related to job task fulfillment – what works, what holds them back, and ideas to fulfill management metrics needs while not jeopardizing customer satisfaction
  • Recognition process for employee feedback
  • Methods to address cultural sensitivities – both generational and multi-cultural/country differences

Management-based process to address:

  • Alignment of employee feedback to management metrics/requirements
  • Best practices to recognize and reward employee feedback
  • Creation of processes to allow employees (that desire it) to be part of the creation of a program/structure that stems from their ideas as a way to learn more about the company, develop talent to remain part of the organization, and create development opportunities
  • Develop effective communications process to inform employees of development and roll-out of new processes, products and services

Heather will work directly with your employees and management teams gathering insight as to what works well, and what needs improvement, and use this insight to develop a customized way to develop team synergy, and an action plan to allow employees and management to partner more efficiently.



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