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Here is what clients have to say about coaching with Heather and the BullBusting experience:


“Working with Heather has been an incredible support to our organization. With a variety of tools and approaches, she helped us reach towards and beyond our goals. Through Email, phone, text, personal meetings and really spending time with our business, in all its facets, we felt we had someone who really understood and believed in our work, in some ways more than we did. Her style was mystically very professional and infinitely flexible, almost like she was a member of our family. The direct results of her work were some of the biggest leads and strides we’ve made: increased sales, improved operations and ultimately a better product. In each area we have a mine of knowledge to draw on in the future. We are grateful!”

Prentiss Alter, Bhagavat Life


Heather has been working with Career Gear participants for several years, facilitating workshops on how to find and keep jobs, how to use the Internet effectively for job searches and networking and communication skills. Her presentations have become an integral component to our employment courses, as she is able to approach the career search with efficiency and creativity.

Our participants are provided with a well-planned presentation that is complete with useful and practical information. Heather also has the presence of mind to tailor her presentations to her audiences, answering questions and concerns related to the specific needs of her audience. Our participants leave her groups feeling empowered to refine their methods of finding suitable employment. By dissecting the process as she does, her audience gains the confidence that they can manage their own success.

Our participants have commented on her friendly style of presentation, the ability to change gears quickly, relate to various skill levels and personalities and her expertise of the content matter itself. She also works closely with program staff in the development of presentations, getting to know her audience, their needs and tailors presentations that specifically address the anticipated outcomes of the participants.

Heather has been a wonderful addition to programming at Career Gear and we would highly recommend her to additional organizations. She works hard for her audience, adapts well to various environments, is an expert with the material and develops long-lasting relationships with the participants.

Mike Obertacz, Director of Programs, Career Gear


“Heather is a great listener and an insightful coach. Over the past 18 years, she has and continues to provide valuable advice and support in both professional and personal matters.  She was especially helpful in coaching me on expanding my business into new areas as well as in international business practices. This gave me more confidence in my new business area and helped give me insight into the business practices and expectations abroad.”

Wendy Carr, President, CARR Marketing          


“My experience with Heather was powerful and definitely life-changing. Heather has a unique ability to call-out whatever “bullshit” she sees and invites you to examine how it impacts your life. By truly facing my bullshit, I found myself in a better position to understand how I have been affected and limited over the years. With Heather as my coach, together we were able to implement a plan to move past my mess. Sure I did all the work, but it was great having Heather there to offer support, encouragement, and truly champion my effort. Without a doubt, I have conquered much in such little time, that whenever I am challenged with a “bullshit” situation… I immediately rely on my inner power discovered with Heather to go forward.
No bullshit! Heather is a fantastic coach! :)
Matt Velez,


“Thank you for busting through my bull with empathy and a generous spirit. I can feel the healing juices gaining momentum!! With this kind of finesse, you BELONG in a china shop!”

Jacques van Heerden


“I have a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all the positive energy you put into our coaching relationship; your heart-felt good will, creativity, sense of fun, enthusiastic belief in me, and the possibility for growth/change/healing/new steps. It has been a very caring and fruitful relationship (in fact, so much rich stuff came up during our coaching that I could probably chew on some of it for a while!), and a lot of the work we’ve done continues to return to me. Pretty cool stuff…”

Helen Kwon


“Heather…A great Heart !!! So professional, respectful and a loving person. She helped me realize what was in the way of my moving forward with my life and with my journey of self awareness. I’m so thankful !!! She definitely will help you make positive changes in your life too.”

Regina B.


Heather’s laser sharp inner vision helps her see right to the heart of any matter. She then breaks it down into workable, bite-size bits and presents them clearly in an empowering manner. Her passion for her work and her infectious can-do attitude cannot help but inspire. She’s been a valuable business sounding board for me, offering a fresh perspective and practical no-nonsense suggestions. Her coaching clients have truly found someone both well-suited and equipped for the job – she’s a natural!”

PJ Hughes, NYC


Heather will get you where you need to be, which may be completely different from where you think you need to be! Heather gave me tools so that I can figure out how to help myself, and have more focus. She helped me get to some deeper issues I need to work on and gave me a stepping point to continue moving forward. As a result of our coaching, I feel that I’ll be happier, and will have work I truly enjoy, rather than see it as just a paycheck.”

Stacey, Washington, DC
Federal Government


“The biggest value I got from coaching with Heather was repeatedly going to mining depths I never knew existed. It always surprised me that though Heather has a very practical/goal-oriented side, she has an enormous spiritual side as well. She always helped me see fresh viewpoints and consider new ideas I hadn’t thought of.

What I gained from our coaching is that I transformed myself even more than I had thought possible. Going into the coaching, I expected to get only Heather’s perspective of me. But, she showed me things about myself I didn’t realize, and helped me learn a lot for my own coaching practice, which has helped me with my own clients.

I got to be constantly reminded of who I am, and Heather never let me forget that. She was and is my biggest supporter. I began wholeheartedly believing how truly great I am! Heather held me accountable by helping me recognize when my excuses and fears got in the way, and this enabled me to get on with what I needed to do.

I loved working with Heather because she was always dedicated and committed to my progress. She allowed me to show up fully and go to very deep levels. She has incredible intuition, sensitivity and dedication. She is there with you in the dark moments, when you need her, and equally supportive when you need accountability and goal-orientation.”

Steve Rozengauz,
International Entrepreneur, New York / Brazil


“What are you waiting for? Get off the couch, turn off the TV and get your act in GEAR!…High powered, full of energy, life infusing are a few words I can use to describe Heather’s passion for her work. She’s a genuine, down-to-earth person who takes the time to listen and who cares deeply about her coaching clients. Heather means business and wants to help you get results. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a passionate coach to bring out their own passion for what they are trying to do in their own lives.”

Catherine Luginsland
Frankfurt, Germany


Coaching with Heather was not only tons of fun, but also completely transformational. Like many of us, my visions for my future, personally and professionally, felt scattered. I was uncertain of what I wanted or how I could get it. Heather guided me through these murky waters with understanding, humor, and enthusiasm to help me find clarity and purpose. I could completely be myself with her. She made the coaching process so effortless and fun.”

Katie, New York City
College Advisor, Yoga Instructor


Joel Orr, The Book Midwife


“Heather is a wonderful coach. Every session she was completely focused on me and so responsive to my needs and where I was ready to go. While we certainly dealt with serious emotional issues, we also had fun and were able to develop a wonderful rapport. Heather helped me to create techniques to help me move forward with issues that I still use today. Working with her was invaluable. ”

S.C., New York City
Manager, Not-For-Profit


“Heather’s coaching helped me learn to listen to myself in new ways. I began confronting my internal conflicts head on, and this helped me make huge personal, and professional accomplishments, including a 20% increase in salary!

Though I came to Heather for coaching on specific business-related issues, I was surprised that our work touched the emotional places it did. One of the most important things I gained from our coaching together was an understanding of my values and the things that drive me. By getting in touch with this essential information, I was able to quit a job I had become unhappy in, and accept a new one that allows me to honor all my values. The result is that I am more proactive at work, and this in turn is improving my confidence and my personal and professional image. ”

Service Executive, Telecommunications Industry


“Heather is an awesome coach! I learned so much about myself and I now recognize my inner strengths and cheer myself on! She’s a great cheerleader, I could always count on her for support and encouragement along the coaching process…that at imes was an emotionally painful one. The insight from coaching has helped me with my personal and professional goals and I am thankful for her great advice and insight.”

Aurora, New York City


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