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Heather is available for speaking engagements and provides an entertaining mix of BullBusting, heart, and humor in her presentations, hoping to educate and entertain.  She can speak on a variety of topics, including:

  • Social Media – Is it More Than a Pain in the A$$?
  • The Bottom Line – How to Save More and Spend Less
  • Creating the Right Sales and Marketing Strategy to Pave the Way for Profits
  • Employee Engagement Strategies – How Your Workforce Can Increase Profits


What to Expect When Hiring Heather to Speak

red briefcaseHonesty.  Heather has a direct, “tell-it-like-it-is” style.  She would probably not make a great politician because she’s not so good at diplomatic, fluffy sentences that leave you scratching your head and wondering what she’s talking about.  (Though, if you have dandruff during her presentation, I imagine you might scratch your head.)

red briefcaseLaughter.  Usually, people find themselves laughing – if not at what Heather says, just at Heather in general.  She can’t explain it, it just happens.

red briefcaseCows. Where there is Heather, there are cows.  If not literally, then they are somehow weaved into the fabric of her presentation, or the time space continuum, or a photo in her presentation.

red briefcasePassion. Heather is very passionate about people living their lives within their integrity and deepest truth.  And, something about cows makes her giddy, and usually enlivens the whole presentation.

red briefcaseWords spoken out loud.  If Heather is speaking, she is definitely saying stuff out loud for you to hear.


“Heather has been working with Career Gear participants for several years, facilitating workshops on how to find and keep jobs, how to use the Internet effectively for job searches and networking and communication skills. Her presentations have become an integral component to our employment courses, as she is able to approach the career search with efficiency and creativity.

Our participants are provided with a well-planned presentation that is complete with useful and practical information. Heather also has the presence of mind to tailor her presentations to her audiences, answering questions and concerns related to the specific needs of her audience. Our participants leave her groups feeling empowered to refine their methods of finding suitable employment. By dissecting the process as she does, her audience gains the confidence that they can manage their own success.

Our participants have commented on her friendly style of presentation, the ability to change gears quickly, relate to various skill levels and personalities and her expertise of the content matter itself. She also works closely with program staff in the development of presentations, getting to know her audience, their needs and tailors presentations that specifically address the anticipated outcomes of the participants.

Heather has been a wonderful addition to programming at Career Gear and we would highly recommend her to additional organizations. She works hard for her audience, adapts well to various environments, is an expert with the material and develops long-lasting relationships with the participants.”

Mike Obertacz, Director of Programs, Career Gear


How to Hire Heather to Speak

You can either email with your request.

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