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Solopreneurs, Coaches, Small Business Owners, If you’re ready to:

checkmark Find the focus and target market for your business that brings you clients

checkmark Learn the fundamental steps to take RIGHT NOW to eliminate marketing overwhelm

checkmark Navigate and understand the various ways to promote your business

checkmark Figure out how to stand out in a field (with or without cows)

checkmark Understand the basics of Social Media and marketing strategy

checkmark Get fantastic resources to support your business development

checkmark Attract more clients and make more $$!

checkmark….and more!

READ ON!  (And if you’re not ready, come back when you are!)


First, let me be honest, and transparent.  This is a sales page!  This very page is part of marketing.  But, you know what?  I have to say I am so sick and tired of all the advice and templates for sales pages.  I don’t care what the metrics say, we all know what they are, and that they are talking about a product that’s for sale, right?  So, I am not putting the sign-up boxes where they are “supposed to” go.  I am not going to bore you with a page that’s as long as a flight to Europe, I’m just going to tell you what I have to offer, and why I hope you will find it of value!

So, let me cut right through the bullshit that would normally be present on a sales page and get to the truth: This page will be talking to you about an eBook, action guide, authenticity guide, and marketing insight.  The combination offers you strategies to cut down the overwhelm in your marketing efforts. (It will not offer you any canned templates, though, because if everything you do is the same as everyone else, then how can your uniqueness show through?) 


The Biggest Headaches I hear about From People Starting or Developing a Business Come From Common Perceptions and Fears Like….



“Marketing is Overwhelming!”

  • You have no idea where to start or focus and feel paralyzed and demotivated.  You’re a technophobe and feel that all this internet stuff is a pain in the ass.  You’re actually considering taking your 4-year-old out of preschool to be your technical assistant because you know he/she understands all this stuff better than you do.

“If I Pick a focused Niche, I Will Cut Off Potential Clients”

  • You think that the second you even THINK about refining your niche you are cutting off too many potential clients. So to get that awful thought out of your head you down several bottles of wine or scotch but even as you pass out, you know you’re going to wake up and have to confront this sobering thought……eventually.

“Everything Costs Too Much $$”

  • Everywhere you look, you see dollar signs but they’re coming out of your pocket, rather than going in.

“I Don’t Know Who My Target Market Is”

  • You’ve heard the term but when you try to figure out what the hell it is, you seem to be missing the mark….
“I Don’t Know How to Get Clients/Customers”
  • Is it you or the soap and toothpaste you’re using that are the reason clients don’t show up, they run away at lightening speed?

“I Have Too Much Competition”

  • You seem to want to do the same thing everyone else is already doing.  Worse yet, you think you’re the same person as everyone else doing it.  There’s no point investing in marketing because you can’t distinguish yourself anyway.

“I Feel Like Marketing is The Same As Selling Myself and I Hate the Idea”

  • You find the idea of marketing yourself to be arrogant and obnoxious, which you are not.  And, you just can’t bring yourself to wear your used car salesperson suit….
“Social Media Is Too Damn Hard to Figure Out!”
  • This is even worse than selling yourself!  In fact, you’d sell your soul to the devil, or highest demonic bidder to avoid even the mention of this f-ing term, so forget about figuring out how to use it!

“Marketing Is a Nightmare I Don’t Have Time For”

  • You are completely overwhelmed and confused, and don’t know where to start. There’s a website, a blog, social media….when does it end?  Oh, and you have to write stuff?  Wait, that’s right, you don’t have nightmares because you have no time to sleep!

“My Business is Not Bringing in the Money I Want”

  • You want your  business to support yourself, and a family.  But, it’s not happening.  You know you’re good at what you do.  But, you’ve been at this for a while, and you just don’t understand why you aren’t making the profits you want.


Marketing and Strategy Don’t Have to Be Difficult or Expensive!  Let Go of the Fear, and Welcome in the Flow!

I’d like to help you turn marketing overwhelm into opportunity.  I love to help solopreneurs and small businesses feel empowered in their businesses, which is often about having the right strategies to allow that business to grow and reach more people.  That’s why I wrote this eBook, and put together this sales page that does not bother following the so-called sales page rules!

Before going any further, perhaps you’d like to know a bit more about me.  I mean, here I am breaking rules and talking to you about helping you with marketing expertise, and it might be good for you to understand what experience I have!  First off, HI!  Thanks for reading this far already.  I know you’re busy, and could be using this time to walk your dog, play with your kids, or watch whatever replaced your “Desperate Housewives” viewing choice.  So thanks!  And, feel free to read on with your favorite beverage to make this more fun.  :-)

Hopefully, you’ve noticed by now that I like cows, and that I have a sense of humor.  Cows are part of my brand.  But no, I do not support branding cows!  Creating a unique brand is something I’ve learned over the 10 years I’ve been a small business owner.  I’ve done stupid stuff like running out and getting trademarks and a DBA before I understood the consequences.  On one of my businesses, I spent so much time developing and updating my website, all by my lonesome, that I made no time for marketing and business development, or, um, generating new clients and new business.  DOH! (I eventually caught on that I needed to actually get away from my computer to find clients – amazing how that works!)

So, I’ve learned an awful lot from being stupid, making mistakes, and even more from being bold, taking some risks, and learning from each one.  I can offer you some damn good lessons from my own experiences!

I know what it’s like to try and develop a business you are passionate about all while some of your closest loved ones give you the impression that your idea sucks and it won’t work.  I also know what it’s like to work your ass off trying to figure out the right steps to take in your business, and feeling like the results do not represent your efforts.

I am the child of a lawyer and a banker so I’ve been around business expertise and money talk most of my life.  Somehow, a lot of powerful business and financial content made it’s way into my brain, and, for the moment, is still in there!  I’ve spent 20 years in corporate sales, marketing, and customer service positions allowing me to work directly with customers, the lifeblood of any business, and understand what makes customers happy, and what frustrates them to the point that they drop all business with you and move on to another business.

I could go on, but I don’t want to put you to sleep which might cause you to spill that lovely glass of wine you’re drinking right now, heaven forbid!  So, the point is, I’ve been in the business and marketing and service world most of my life.  I know the frustrations, and I’ve seen and experience the flow that can exist in any business.

Introducing the eBook I Have Been Talking About Up to Now! - Simple Marketing Strategies That Will Keep You Sane, Help You Avoid Baldness (From Pulling Out All Your Hair in Frustration), oh, And Get More Clients and More Money!



I’ve experienced business colleagues and friends feel stuck in frustration over words like “marketing” “strategy” and “social media” while I realized I could whisk them through all of them in moments.  I’ve helped clients step out of “marketing anxiety” into “rocket-speed motivation” in their businesses.  It’s so fun having a client start a session with me feeling dazed about where to begin, and then hearing from them, after that session, that they were so fired up that they whisked out all their action items, and created business and profits in record time, I love it!

So, I decided it was time to bottle, er, book, all the knowledge I have shared with colleagues, clients, and friends for years!  What I hear a lot from my clients are things like,

you make the process seem easy,”

“I feel so much better after our session, and I’m so grateful I know what to do next to get my business going!”

“Thank you for breaking down my overwhelm into actionable steps that I know I can do!’


Here’s What Else They Say!

“Heather is an excellent coach who has helped me in many different areas of my personal and professional life. She is one of my most trusted advisors with whom I consult with regularly. I rely on her expertise and knowledge and her coaching has helped me see things clearly when I have been unable to see them myself. I recently had to deliver a keynote speech in a business culture that I was not familiar with. Heather’s knowledge and experience in culture transition and skill as an expert writer helped me organize, prepare, and deliver the best keynote I’ve ever done. I recommend her highly.”

Ellyn Small Enisman

“Working with Heather has been anincredible support to our organization. With a variety of tools and approaches,she helped us reach towards and beyond our goals. Through Email, phone, text, personal meetings and really spending time with our business, in all its facets, we felt we had someone who really understood and believed in our work, in some ways more than we did. Her style was mystically very professional and infinitely flexible, almost like she was a member of our family. The direct results of her work were some of the biggest leads and strides we’ve made: increased sales, improved operations and ultimately a better product. In each area we have a mine of knowledge to draw on in the future. We are grateful!”

Prentiss AlterBhagavat Life

Click here to read even more testimonials!


 Simple Marketing Strategies for Service Based Businesses Gives You More Than Good Alliteration!


Here’s an idea of the information I’ll be sharing with you, and why I think you will find this eBook useful:

  • Why understanding the difference between niche and target market will save your business
  • Easy ways to get noticed by your future clients
  • Ideas to expand your inventory.  (HINT – if you are a service based business, yes, you should still have products!)
  • The strategy to use to get people to your website, and maintain their interest so they ultimately buy from you
  • Humor – I’ve done stand-up-comedy a bunch of times, so I can tell you there are some comical examples in this book!  (And, well, a few dirty words, too…)
  • Creative ways to understand the logic behind the marketing so it makes sense, and allows you to interject your own creativity!
  • Why your photo can cost you clients
  • How to create a marketing strategy based around YOU – what to consider to create a unique strategy, rather than trying to “do everything everyone else is doing”
  • How to welcome, and manage money into your life!
  • BULLS!  I can guarantee you, there is no other book like this on the market!  A few of my herd will be guiding you though the steps, making the learning easy-to-digest and fun!

AND, you get an action guide to seal in all the information!

Rather than tell you, let me SHOW you!  Take a look at the table of contents below:


View this document on Scribd


The most interesting part might be the CHALLENGE at the end of the book!  I hope you will take part.  For the technophobes out there, this challenge alone might be the answer to your technical nightmares!  For the rest of you, I’m curious to see what we, as a community, can create!


AND – HOT OFF THE PRESSES – I’ve just added an Authenticity Worksheet, giving you strategies to identify when you are most authentic in your life, so you can bring that into your business and excel at your marketing efforts!  Remember, the reason I’m not using a sales page template is because I feel it would stifle my own style.  So, I thought you might appreciate some tips to allow the real you to shine in your business!






If you are STILL on the fence about whether or not to invest in the bulls, the humor, and the saavy business and marketing expertise, TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!  Simply click here, and SIGN UP FOR A FREE SAMPLE of the first pages of this book.  You can then decide for yourself.  Plus – BONUS!  You also get weekly business and finance tips, and a free resource guide!


If you know this book is for you – then click here to buy it now!




If You Decide to Place an Order, Here is What You’ll Get:

  • Immediate access to your book and action guide, downloadable right to your PC!
  • Tips and screenshots and strategies to help you transform marketing overwhelm into business-building strategies
  • Guidance on how to make sure that you know the difference between niche and target market, which will help you refine your offer, and who it’s for
  • Suggestions on how to use social media, and make it less overwhelming – and, whether you need to use it at all!
  • Help for creating your website or blog, tips on which one to invest in, and why
  • Ideas on how to figure out who, exactly, your business appeals to, and insight into how to figure out best ways to reach them with information about your company
  • Resources to help you develop your marketing materials
  • Important information on protecting your business and your reputation
  • Insight into managing your money – because if you’re going to earn it, you’ll want to make good use of it!
  • An awesome action guide to help you implement the ideas from the book, with even more tips and strategies to help you with time and money issues
  • **BONUS: A guide to being authentic in your business so you can enhance your marketing efforts!
P.S. – Don’t forget you get to have FUN – the book is laced with humor, cows will highlight the do’s and don’t's along the way, and I share my personal experience, and even HIGHLIGHT my own past mistakes to help you see, with your own eyes, why certain strategies make sense, and others do not!


P.P.S. – There’s a money-back guarantee!  If you hate the book and think it sucks, return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase!
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