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Company Name: The BullBuster Boardroom

Company Headquarters: New York, United States

Founded: 2012

Mission: To help you bust through the bull keeping you from financial empowerment and business success with no-bull sales, marketing, product development, and financial strategies to help you get profitable. 

Target Audience: Sole Proprietors starting a business, Small Businesses and Corporations struggling with a lack of direction or decreased profits and team synergy issues, who are ready to face the bull standing in the way of their success. 



Heather Markel, CPC, ACC, Chief BullBuster of The BullBuster Café and The BullBuster Boardroom, helps empower people in money, business and relationships.

The BullBuster Cafe was created to introduce people to the concept of BullBusting and help clients stuck in careers and relationships that no longer seem to fit, to develop strategies to make a graceful exit, or to stay with a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

The BullBuster Boardroom is for small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, and individuals to learn and confront whatever stands in the way of more money, and more business.

A certified life coach, Heather has used those coaching skills on the job in corporate life. She was selected as a team leader to plough through the bull, help discover and address employee/team dissatisfaction, and then work with management to improve overall employee morale. The result was a refreshingly ‘bull-free’ environment, with improved on-the-job productivity and satisfaction. After all, how can people be dissatisfied if their needs are expressed, and met?

Heather loves the stage and periodically performs stand-up comedy, which furthers her ability to read a room, speak clearly, and work on timing.  On her second stand-up performance, she was put to the test when her ex-husband unexpectedly entered the room.  She figures if she can survive that, she’s a pretty tough cookie!

Heather has lived and worked all over the world, allowing her to stop bull dead in its tracks in 6 different languages. She has over 20 years corporate experience in sales, marketing, and customer service, and extensive cross-cultural experience.  In addition to a degree from George Washington University, focusing on International Relations, she studied at the London School of Economics, La Sorbonne, and Centro di Cultura Italiana in Italy. The former focus of her coaching was in helping clients transition and adapt to life in a foreign country … in a delightfully ‘no-bull’ way. She also furthered the Expat coach cause by creating The Expat Coach Association and Directory.

Random Facts About Heather

In the second grade, during a snow blizzard, at one of New York’s private schools, Heather led her entire class in an attempted sit-in. She marched everyone to the Headmaster’s office, and demanded a snow day since all public schools were closed. The Headmaster refused the request, but allowed Heather and her class to sit on his office floor until their free period was complete.

Saw Steve Jobs sitting alone at an Apple campus, walked over and talked to him. Apple stock went up 12 points the next day. Coincidence? I think not.

Got a party of 6 seated in 10 minutes at Jaleo, a popular Tapas restaurant in Washington DC, with no reservation, on a Friday night

Consistently confront companies at their own bull and has gotten a 2 month DSL installation quoted lead time cut down to 2 weeks, and free Showtime service!


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Story Angles:

Why do we have so much bull in our lives?

Often times, fear of the unknown, familiarity and a focus on negative thoughts, lead us to staying in bad relationships and grueling jobs we hate. Our fear helps us weave stories like, “It’s better to give up on my dreams than to be alone” that we eventually integrate, in an effort to help us convince ourselves that we’re happy being unhappy.


What does “BullBusting” mean?

BullBusting is the process of admitting, confronting and releasing one’s own, self-made bull, in favor of living a life that is within a person’s own integrity, rather than creating stories that require them to live a life that doesn’t fit their deepest dreams and authenticity.


Why isn’t my business or career more succesful?

Short answer – because you’re not confronting the truth that’s holding you back! If your career is going nowhere, it could be a sign you’re avoiding the truth – you’re in the wrong career! Do you want to “make it by” each day, or are you ready to do something more meaningful? If your business sales are down, maybe you need to confront the truth about your messaging or perhaps your sales and marketing strategies are out of alignment.


I want to start a business, but I’m overwhelmed by marketing and social media, what do I do?

Social media is a necessary pain in the a$$ for all business owners, but choosing a strategy doesn’t have to be. Get clear on your messaging, where your audience is, and then construct a manageable plan to bring your business into the world.


I can’t seem to save any money, what am I doing wrong?!

Ah, money – if you’re a chronic (or closet) shopaholic, you’re spending away your future, literally.  And for what?  Clothes?  Books?  A new TV?  Getting a grip on your goals, and commiting to them is key to growing your savings account.


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