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BullBusting Business and Finance Tips

Dexter leads the way on our Business Tips, and Mo-Mo (short for More Money!), is our Financial bull.  Each of them tends to learn from their mistakes. :-o

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Tips are meant to be brief and digestible so you can easily take them in and use them right away.


BullBusting Business Tip

Write Your Heart Out

One of the best strategies for many of us in business is writing, or being written about!  (Hopefully not for something scandalous….)  Writing has many benefits – exposure/reaching more people,  informing people about your business, and expert status to name a few.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how each of those works:

  1. Exposure/Reaching More People - the more places your name and your business name appear, the more likely it is that people will learn about you.  The more places you appear online, the higher you are likely to be ranked in Google searches – just make sure you are using the right keywords!  I’ve found Twitter to be a great place to Tweet articles, whether from a blog, or or elsewhere, if even a few people forward your article, that is instant exposure to more people, don’t miss out on that – and it’s FREE.  Getting published in a magazine or newspaper is also excellent, but can take some work and time.  So, while you’re reaching for that, develop a good strategy to get your articles published online in places you know your target market is likely to be reading.
  2. Expert Status – The more you write, and the more great tips you give, the more likely it is that other people will start coming to you for the expertise you provide.  Let’s say you are a career coach, specializing in helping managers and executives in the Telecommunications industry.  You could write articles about the Telecom industry (obviously replace industry with the one you have particular experience and expertise with), demonstrating how much you know about day-to-day issues and pace of work in that industry.  And, you could give tips to succesfully navigate the challenges, get promoted, get raises, etc.  Ideally, people will read your tips, think they are great and pass them on to other people.  And that helps with exposure!
  3. Informing People About Your Business – writing often gives you the chance to help people understand what you do, and why you do it. Your articles provide expertise, tips, information, great content, and at some point in that article, often the byline, you get to drive people to your website so that you can inform them about what you do, why you do it, and how they can engage with you.

Now that you know the WHY of writing articles, here are a few ideas of WHERE to write:

  • – online resource and great resource box at the bottom of each article to guide people to your website(s)
  • Other people’s blogs – ask to be a guest contributor for someone else’s blog who serves your target market in a different way
  • Print magazines or newspapers if you have a writing style and topic that might interest and serve the readership/subscriber base of that publication
  • Your own blog, of course!  Just make sure that it’s linked to your Twitter account, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc so you get maximum reach with each post

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BullBusting Financial Tip

Create Spending Alignment

By now you’ve probably heard of chakra alignment, being in integrity, aligned to your core values, and so forth.  Now, it’s time for you to focus on “spending alignment”.  I just created that term and here is how I am defining it.  Being in personal integrity is about having your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions in alignment.  With that idea in mind, I think of spening alignment as having your values, goals, and finances in alignment.

Now, you may read that and say, “duh!” but many of us are way out of spending alignment.  If you’re telling everyone that you’re saving up for a vacation in 6 months but spending every dime on clothes you don’t need and going out to dinner every night, then your goals and your spending are out of alignment.  If you lend money to everyone you know, and then feel sick to your stomach or anxious about it, you are out of spending alignment.  Every time you contradict yourself, you are sabotaging your goals and priorities and furthering any belief you have that you can’t accomplish them.  (Note, sometimes, our mind plays tricks because if you don’t believe in yourself, then sabotaging your goals is the perfect way to prove that you are right!)

You can recognize a dissonance in your own spending alignment by paying attention to a few areas:

  • do you have dreams, or goals?  A dream is “I want to be rich” or “I’d love to have a mansion.”  A goal is specific and has a measurable time period, such as “I will own a 2 bedroom house in San Francisco for $500,000 in 5 years by saving $100,000 a year.”
  • how do you feel about money?  When you save it, or spend it, what emotions does each evoke in you?  Do you enjoy those emotions or do they make you sick to your stomach?
  • are you consistent with spending habits, or do you have a tendency to save a lot and then “binge” and blow lots of money, or another inconsistent habit?
  • are you telling friends and family you are saving money, but then, in fact, spending so much that you’re out of integrity?
  • do you have enough money to go shopping for fancy clothes and fine dining, but still ask family and friends for financial support?

The quickest and easiest way to align your spending is to get honest about your goals and underlying values, which then allows you to drive your spending, and your saving, strategies.  It’s important to be up front and honest with yourself first, so that you can be in your own integrity and then create the financial outcome you desire.

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