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Are you a certified coach?

Yes, I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and received my certification from Coaching for Transformation/Leadership That Works, which is an ICF-Accredited coaching program. The ICF (International Coach Federation) maintains a strict code of ethics, and an important system of accreditation. In addition to being a certified coach, I am also an ICF ACC - Associate Certified Coach.

How do you help clients?

My goal is to help new and existing businesses with any of the following, though this is not an exhaustive list!

  • education/knowledge of marketing and sales strategies

  • developing the best customized marketing strategies for your business to reach more people and increase profits - helping you understand what opportunities exist, and which ones are best for your individual business to focus on

  • development of products and services so that they are most appealing to your desired client/customer base. This can involve many different areas, so please inquire if you have specific questions about what this means

  • creating services, products, and programs

  • business start-up strategies - information and education on the best foundation so you can focus on profit-based activities

  • employee engagement strategies - for businesses requiring improved employee engagement and motivation, and where there has been a breakdown in communication

  • for future entrepreneurs - exploration of your skillset and your passion to help you select the best type of business to start

If you'd like to set up a complimentary interview for us to explore what I can do for you further, and be sure we are a good fit, simply click the button below.

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How do you work with clients?

Most of my work with individuals and groups is done via phone which means, as long as we can work out timezone differences, we can work together wherever you are!  I also offer coaching via Skype, and, if you are located in, or traveling to, New York City, I can meet you in person.

For businesses and corporations we can arrange for me to come on site for an additional travel fee.

How much does it cost to work with you?

The answer depends on many factors.  Some of which are:

  • What you want to accomplish in coaching

  • Whether you want individual coaching or group coaching

  • How frequently we work together

The best way to discuss pricing is in a complimentary interview call with me, which you can set up by clicking below

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What business experience do you have?

A lot!  I have 20 years corporate experience in sales, marketing and customer service.  In this capacity, I have served Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies to increase profits, lower costs, and find creative ways of doing business.  While in the customer service role, I served as a team lead - gathering feedback from employees on desired changes and improvements in the workplace, and working with management to strategize and implement the changes that resulted in a happier workforce.  I loved it! I am also a Board Member/Director of the New York Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

I have roughly 10 years simultaneous experience with my own businesses.  I started with Heather's Handbags, offering handbags and jewelry, and then branched out to coaching and consulting where I have worked with individuals and small businesses on sales and marketing strategies.

I spent several years as an Expat Coach, via Culture Transition Coaching.  During that time, I started The Expat Coach Association and The Expat Coach Directory, which I still manage today.  Throughout the process I have learned about trademarking, copyrighting, internet marketing, product development, shopping cart software, autoresponders, social media, building websites from scratch, hiring someone to help with my business, and more!

What languages do you coach in?

I predominantly offer coaching in English, however, as I am also fluent in French, I do offer coaching in French as well.

What makes you different than other Marketing and Product Development specialists?

First - cows!  Who else does marketing with cows and bulls?  ;-)  I believe what sets me apart from most other Marketing and Product development specialists is that I not only take time to get to know your business, but I also get to know you.  In fact, I consider personality, work ethic, time, and goals to be an integral part of the marketing and product development strategies I work on with clients.

Who do you help?

I aim to serve individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations.  I help both existing businesses, and new ones, with help on diverse sales and marketing strategies to help you reach more people and increase profits.

I work with most industry types, but I always require a complimentary interview session before beginning any working relationship, to ensure that we are a good fit for one another. Please use the button below if you'd like to set up your session:

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Why are there so many cows and bulls on your site?

Good question!  If you read the About page, you will get more information about me and cows.  Suffice to say, a cow named Amazonie ended up being my first pet!  Growing up in the streets of New York City, with family allergic to cats and dogs, I didn't get to have the joy of a pet until I spent a summer in France with a host family.  To my joy, my family had a cow farm, and one of the cows, Amazonie, followed me around every day like an overgrown puppy. Thus, my fondness for cows was created!

Since then, I have accumulated trinkets, and gifts from many people with cows, and some are featured with me in videos, as are some of the thousands of cow photos and videos I have on hand from France and beyond.  People that know me, just accept that cows are an important part of my life.  Truthfully, I also adore dogs and cats, and am delighted to say that I am finally an official volunteer for the ASPCA!


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