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The BullBuster Boardroom Is:

red briefcaseA place to get beyond the bull in your business to make room for increased revenues, and stimulate team synergy.

red briefcaseIdeas, strategies, and techniques to start or maintain a profitable business – allowing you to do what you love, serve the people you are meant to serve, and prosper

red briefcaseStrategies to help you confront financial hurdles and develop a plan for financial empowerment

Why The BullBuster Boardroom?


My journey started with the realization that I was trying to live a life that didn’t fit.  I tried conforming to work and relationships that helped me reinforce the two key messages that I turned into my truth:

  1. “Don’t display emotions, they have no place” and
  2. “You are too much, dull it down”.

Once I woke up to the fact that these subconscious beliefs were ruling my life, and, more importantly, that they were full of crap, I began a painful, difficult, and rewarding journey to transition to a life that fits me better! The first part of that journey led me to create The BullBuster Cafe - a place to bust through the BS keeping other people marooned in lives that are the wrong size leaving them feeling stuck in careers and relationships and unclear whether to stay or go, or even how to make a first step towards a decision.

As I busted through my own BS, I realized that BullBusting isn’t just a concept, it’s an empire!  ;-)   My mission, I found out, isn’t just about BullBusting careers and relationships, it’s about helping people feel empowered with money, and successful in business ventures – whether an entrepreneur, a small business, or a corporation – I can help you with creative sales and marketing strategies to grow your business, and bust through the strategies that are holding you back from success.

My own experience with money made me angry, frustrated, and feel completely useless with it.  I knew I had some, but I got literally dizzy any time I even tried to look at a financial statement.  So, statements piled up in unopened envelopes, making me feel even worse.  I used shopping as therapy; bad day? shopping!  bored? shopping!  cute dress?  buy it!  sale?  shopping!  If I saw something I wanted, I came up with exceptional reasons to buy it, such as, “you’ll use it…. eventually,” “if you don’t buy it now, you might never find it again,” “why look for the one I already have, I’ll buy a new one!” and the best, “it’s on sale, get it!”  My logic skills were unbeatable, and helped me amass great piles of clutter and unused clothes, unread books, and just general “stuff.”

I got sick and tired of my clutter, and of my “I don’t understand money” motto, and decided to shift it.  I was sitting in the “I don’t know” point of view, so, I realized, it was time to “KNOW”.  I confronted my finances, stared them down, got educated, and got wise about money.  It’s amazing how some intentional focus can make your bank account grow! And, finally looking at my finances allowed me to discover I was paying $25 monthly bank fees for no other reason than I didn’t even look at my bank statements!  So, I saved myself a lot of money, just by paying attention. By making the decision to pay attention to my finances, and set some clear, attainable goals, my shopping logic completely shifted, too!  Now I wait for a sale to buy what I need, rather than just buying because there is a sale.  I also differentiate between needing something, and creating clutter.  My apartment is very grateful, and so is my wallet!

The next part of my BullBusting journey led me to look at my own skillset where it occured to me that I was missing something really obvious.  I assumed that my experience and interests that came easily to me were hobbies, so it didn’t even occur to me to build my business around these skills!  I’ve spent 20 years working in corporate sales, marketing, and customer service, given hundreds of customer presentations, and spent almost 10 years working on my own businesses in coaching and handbag and jewelry designs.  Friends and colleagues constantly ask me for business building and marketing tips, and I find myself passionately talking about all the creative ideas they could leverage into business success.  I just thought, ”that conversation really fired me up!  Now, back to the corporate grind.”  Wow, was I missing the boat!  So, I finally confronted my bull and caught the boat.


A Little About Me – The Facts


  • I am a Certified Professional Coach and graduated from a program with Leadership That Works and am an ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • I am a Board Member of the New York chapter of the International Coach Federation
  • I am an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, certified by The Center of Living Light
  • I have worked in sales, marketing, and customer service for some huge corporations for 20 years in the US and in Europe
  • I served as a team leader to promote cross-cultural team synergy by working with my peers, and our manager on desired improvements and best practices, resulting in a much happier work experience for everyone!
  • As a young teenager I entered, and won an Honorable Mention in, a United Nations Peace Essay Contest by Parents and Friends for Children’s Survival
  • I am older than I look, but if you ask my age, “I am eternally 8 years old”. Why 8?  I think it’s the perfect age – extremely intelligent, curious, and a wee bit mischievous but cute enough to get away with it, what more could you want?!  ;-)
  • I volunteer for Big Apple Greeter, a fantastic organization allowing me the pleasure of giving foreigners on vacation in New York a true New Yorker’s perspective of The Big Apple
  • The question I am asked the most is, “When do you sleep?”

More About Me – The Random, Fun Stuff!

I speak 6 languages, well 7 if you count English and American as separate!

I have a consistent track record of beating utlity companies at their bull, resulting in lower prices, faster internet installation, and service credits.

To placate my creative side, I make handbags (studied handbag design at F.I.T.!) and jewelry. Check out some of my Heather’s Handbags designs!

I love cows. OK, this is basically the most important thing you should know about me. If you forget everything else, just remember, Heather loves cows! This all started when, as a teenager, I lived with a French host family on a farm in Normandie. At the time, I was an only kid who grew up in the wild lack of hills of Manhattan, with no pets. So, Amazonie, a bovine 5 times as large as me, became my first pet. She would follow me around and lick me like an overgrown dog. I’ve been hooked ever since. Click here to see my article about the host family, the cows, and me with a REALLY BAD HAIRCUT!

I wrote a book about a boy trying to get to sleep…which is a place.  I went through the whole process of sending the book out to agents, and actually got some great feedback, and some great experience with the writing and publishing industry!

I love cows. French cows from Normandie are my favorites because they are the only ones with 3 colors in their coats, and they look like they are wearing sunglasses.

I saved $700 on a medical bill.  Need I say more?  ;-)

I have performed Stand Up Comedy, on purpose, several times.  I have learned that there is really nothing as anxiety-bearing as the moments before you perform, and the stress of trying to remember your own lines!

I had the great fortune to live with two wonderful host families in France – one who blessed me with 8 siblings, lots of cousins, and a farm full of cows, the other one 3 siblings, and one of the most amazing cooks I’ve ever met!

I also like Jersey cows. Not because their milk is richer, but rather because they are hands down the most friendly and curious breed I have ever met. The baby ones think they are puppies, and the adult ones are usually more bold than other breeds when it comes to walking up to me holding my hand out to pet them.

In the second grade I staged a sit-in, marching my entire class into the Principal’s office to demand a snow day since local public schools were closed, and we were not.  I presented my case, “it’s not fair, they get the day off, why don’t we?!” and the Principal let us sit in his office until our next period.  Hey, come on, that’s not bad for a 2nd grader already leading people, and knowing how to present a case!

My stepdad and mom gave me a birthday gift many years ago of a wonderful trip around Israel. We had a private guide, so it was just the 3 of us. I made the guide stop the van every time there were cows so I could take their photo and try to pet them.  Luckily for them, there were not a lot of cows.


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