April 16, 2013  

You Were Born to Work


workaholicThe Bull 3

Though you probably know today’s lie is full of bull, many of you reading this know full well that you are working for a living, and not doing much playing.  You have come to believe there is a “time and a place” for fun, and it definitely doesn’t belong at work, in most cases.

You spend most of your day doing stuff for other people – chores at home, deadline-critical projects at the office….you do errands at night, maybe work a second job because you need to in this economy, and if someone, like me, dares imply that you should play more, you think we’re nuts, and that “we just don’t understand reality.”  You might have had a dream at some point, but it’s been crushed by years of slaving away for a paycheck.

Worse yet, have you noticed that you are like a lemming in line for a subway, a train, or a freeway exit following all the other people who have been trained to focus their time and attention on a day job, which they, too, might hate?


The BustWell, listen up!  You are not on this earth to fill your days and nights with nothing but work!  You came in crawling to get to your favorite toys, cried when they were taken away, loved testing limits, and laughing at your parents.  You had recess and naps at school, found museums and zoos fascinating, imagined everyone else’s popcorn belonged to you (ok, sorry, inserting personal experience…), did somersaults in the office, danced on chairs and tables,….at what point did you get this idea that growing up meant no time to play?

More awful – if you do a search for a Google image of “happy play” you will see that it’s mostly children!  Where are the ADULTS who are happily playing?  And, you’d believe that the only kind of “Adult Play” is either about sports or sex?  NO WONDER WE ARE SO CONFUSED!!

We were born to do something special and unique – that may actually be a different purpose for each one of us!  Rather than work our lives away to fit into a societal norm that would have us believe the ONLY way to make money, get health benefits, and secure a great retirement is by working away your best years, I say it’s time to PLAY!  Not just on weekends, but every day.

So, put down whatever you are working on right now, and do a proverbial skip down to the elevator or staircase, and GO OUTSIDE and find something silly to do.  And if it’s winter where you are reading this from, put on a coat and hat and go outside anyway!silly1


April 9, 2013  

Today’s Lie: Your Thoughts Have No Power


thoughtsThe Bull 3We carry on in our lives believing we are powerless to the events that happen in our day, week, and life.  We believe we are innocent victims to the circumstances that befall us, and we see victories as good luck.

Because we see things as “good luck” and “bad luck” we are then led into being jealous of someone else’s good luck, wondering why it is that it happens to that person, over and over, and not to us.


The BustOur thoughts carry immense power, and if we fail to recognize that, we then believe good and bad things “happen” to us, and that we have no control over those things.

But, think about this – airplanes/flight was once a dream in someone’s mind.  Cars did not exist before someone had the idea in their mind to put together pieces in a specific way to become the automobile.  The glass you drink out of was once the idea of someone who felt tired of drinking out of their hands.

Thoughts are powerful.

Thoughts are the basis of creation, marriage, children, evolution, and products and services.

Focusing your thoughts on someone else, or negativity, is simply a choice to use your energy in a direction that takes you away from being successful.  Think about those times you have been lost in thought over your anger or frustration with someone while walking, and you tripped.  Or, worse, while using a knife in the kitchen which then cuts your finger.  And you think it was just “bad luck!”  Your negative thoughts attract negative circumstances to you.  Unless you enjoy those, STOP THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!  And, yes, you DO have the power to choose your thoughts, so stop the drama blaming someone else for your “bad luck” and go create your own “good luck”!thinking2

Dreams – what we truly yearn for – are thoughts.  Focusing our thoughts on what we want in our lives, allows it to come into being, like the creation of the wheel or the glass.  Haven’t you noticed the times when you focus your thoughts and energy on, say, a type of job you really want, or an experience you want to try, and you “coincidentally” bump into someone offering that very job, or who has just returned from the experience you want to try?  And you think it’s coincidence!  It was your thought that allowed you to NOTICE the people that can help you accomplish your dreams!

If you’re still not with me – ladies, if you ever had a pregnancy scare, you know that for days, you only notice pregnant women and advertisements in public transportation about caring for your baby, insurance for your children, etc.  And, even though those same ladies, and those same ads, are there every day, you simply tune them out because your thoughts were not focused there!

Without a thought, there would be nothing to act upon.  And, when you do act, you then create.  When you create, you are likely to attract success.  So if you’re looking to create something in your life:

Change, Transformation, Success, Romance, Excellent Health,….

then simply focus your thoughts towards what you want, and you will attract what you need to make it happen.  The Law of Attraction is not a secret – it’s just a technique you haven’t been using.  ;-)

Want to step into more empowered thinking yourself?  Set up a time for BullBusting!



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