June 28, 2012  

What’s Your Bull?


Cast your vote below!  We all have it, even if we don’t like to admit it.  So, let’s see what you have to say is the biggest bull you battle in your life.  If you have another category of bull to add to the list, please feel free to add it in – you never know what might come of it and how many other people are full of the same bull, lol!  ;-)

You can check off one, or any combination of bull that applies to you – have fun, pass it on!

And, get ready, next week, for the first in a series of crazy videos, seriously, I went a little crazy, but hopefully that will give you one more thing to laugh at!

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June 26, 2012  

It’s Not Easy


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I met someone recently at an event, and in less than 5 minutes, whenever he discussed his work, he told me, “it’s not easy”.  Whenever he said it, he looked dejected, a sort of blank stare overtook his face, and I felt like he was fading into some invisible shell.  So, the third time he said this phrase to me, I told him,

“you know, that’s the third time you’ve told me it’s not easy.  Did you want it to be difficult?” 

Happily, he didn’t slap me or throw his drink at me!  He did, instead, look like he was slapped with a realization of how he had been perceiving his life. And, it looked like he was woken up from a deep sleep, ready to move to something greater. 

I have to wonder if some of us aren’t proud to carry around “it’s not easy” like a literal ball and chain to help us put up with how tough things are, and then feel good about sitting around dejected feeling we can’t change anything because “it’s not easy”. 

The “it’s not easy” motto is excellent to use if you want to spend hours watching TV instead of making cold calls to see if you can develop a business opportunity.  I mean, why bother, since “it’s not easy?”  It’s also a perfect way to avoid improving or changing anything in the relationship you’re now unhappy in.  Since “it’s not easy,” I guess you should just put up with being unhappy…. 

Carrying “It’s not Easy” in your subconscious thoughts is like being a 300 pound cop trying to run down a thief skating away on roller blades….you’ll run, and you’ll really want to catch the thief, but at some point, you’ll realize “it’s not easy” and rather than get in your cop car and overtake the rapid robber, you’ll stop running, grab a donut, and call for backup. If you’re trying to start, or maintain, a business, “it’s not easy” can help you take a long time to get things done, avoid risks, and, eventually, give up.  Is that what you want?

The question is, do you WANT your work, your life, your relationship…to be easy?  Then how about thinking “it’s easy” – because I’ll bet, if you had to put your mind to an easy path to what you want, you’d probably find it.  

So, you’re call to action is – if you have read or listened to this podcast and realize you’re carrying around your own form of the “it’s not easy” motto, change it right now!  Say out loud, right now, “it’s easy!”  Begin to think about, “if it were easy, how would I do this?”  And stand by for the answer!


June 12, 2012  

Most People Don’t, So You Won’t


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Has anyone explained to you that the crazy idea you have is a bad one because “most people” don’t succeed at it?  Growing up, I had that ingrained in me – that “most people” don’t get rich, make it as an actor, get their book published, have their life pan out exactly as they want it…..what complete bullshit! 

First off, who is this “most people” that I let people refer to when telling them about me and my dreams?  Why are they talking about “most people” when I am giving my passionate diatribe on the rhyme and reason of my “madness”? 

Why is it that just because a statistical analysis has shown that only 1 – 2% of people “make it as an actor” that you or I couldn’t fall into that percentage if we gave our time, dedication, and passion?  Just because “most authors” don’t end up with a published book like “Harry Potter” why does that mean yours won’t?

I believe the truth is, If you compare yourself with most people, and are trying to be like most people, you’ll talk yourself right out of becoming the person that does become the 1 – 2% of people that do succeed, get rich off their crazy idea, and live the life of your dreams.  This “most people” logic is the perfect one to use if you plan NOT to succeed.  It’s the perfect way to talk you out of trying, or, if you do try, to half-ass your attempts since you’re planning, and envisioning, ending up like “most people.”

My question is, why are you thinking this way?  What if you are the 1% that will succeed, how can you give up on yourself?  You may be destined to get rich off your idea, publish that blockbuster novel, or catapult to the best actor, so why listen to the people that don’t believe it’s possible?  After all, aren’t the heros of the stories and movies we love the most based around the character that, against all odds, with everyone saying “no” “not a good idea” “you’ll never make it”….goes for it anyway? 

Today’s call to action is – stop living in fear, grab the bull by the balls and be the superhero of your own life!  Give it 100% of your effort and dedication to see if it’s meant to be.  And, if you’re reading this article and feel you’ve already tried really hard and “failed”, then write down everything you’ve done, and everything you’ve tried, and try a different approach that you haven’t before.

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June 5, 2012  

One Size Fits All


[Podcast is available at the bottom of this post, and you will enjoy the sound of firetruck sirens and New York City street noise in the background!]

When you think “One Size Fits All” you probably go right to clothing where this common size finds its way onto many a size rack.  What does that even mean?  As a petite person, when I try on an article of clothing that’s “one size fits all”, I often disappear under many folds of fabric, or look like I’m a 4-year-old trying on mommy’s outfit.  When each of us gets clothing, we have specific tastes, and specific ideas of how clothing should fit – loose, tight, something in-between.  So how is it possible for one garment to think it can fit anyone?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding in the “one-size-fits-all” mentality because the individual gets lost.  It starts with education where we’re tossed into a school teaching us all the same subjects, the same way.  (At least when I was a kid, that’s how it was!)  Some people learn visually, others are auditory learners, and some learn best by reading.  So, how is it possible for each student to come away “educated” when their particular learning style may not fit the one being used?

How about marriage?  There’s this “institution” of marriage and rules and how marriage is supposed to look, but in reality, some want to be married, some do not.  Some want kids, others don’t or can’t have them.  Some have “conventional” marriages, others are highly unconventional.  So, how can one marriage institution fit all of us?

And, what about your job?  You go to the office, you are told how to sell, how to market, how to do your reports, but in the end, everyone on your team is a unique person with different strengths and skillsets, so how can it be possible to give everyone one way to accomplish things?  It just doesn’t make sense!

So, your call to action for today is to look at parts of your life in which you’re less than happy (job, relationship, financial situation) and become aware of where you are living a One-Size-Fits-All existence that isn’t working for you.  Ask yourself – where are you following rules that don’t feel like rules that work for you? If you could break or change those rules what would they become, and how would that make you feel?

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