May 29, 2012  

It’s a Bargain


(This is offered as a podcast as well, see below for the podcast player.)  For anyone out there struggling with money, this will be good for you!  Too many times, we are smacked in the face with what seems like a deal we can’t refuse, and we rush in and buy something, tempted by saving money, and in the process, we sabotage our wallet, our budget, and potentially add to any struggling you have with money. 

Stores love to help us justify parting with our cash, and they do a damn good job of it, too.  Just a few weeks ago, I got tricked myself!  I was in my grocery store, and my favorite yogurt was on sale – 5 for $5!  I was so excited.  I didn’t really need 5, but since they are normally more expensive, I couldn’t resist the bargain, and picked out my favorite 5 flavors.  Then I got to the cash register and felt like a big dummy.  The yogurts came up as $1 each.  So, I could have bought just 1 or 2 yogurts, not 5.  I felt so duped and foolish that I couldn’t even find the words to tell the cashier to put 3 of them back.  (Not to mention the long line behind me who would have been pissed off at me figuring out which 3 to get rid of!)

Other ways we get tricked are when we “buy one, get %50 off the second item.”  That’s really 25% off each, and now, instead of spending, say $75, you’re roped in to parting with more cash on a second item you might not actually need.  The worst thing you can do to your budget is to go shopping because there’s a sale, even though you do not need anything.

So, here is your Call to Action for today!  PAY ATTENTION. 

  1. Try making a list of what you need, and waiting for a sale to buy it
  2. Notice what are, and are not, good deals.  If an item you need, such as paper towels, is on sale for, say, $7 for 4 rolls, when 2 rolls normally cost $6, you’ve just cut your per roll price from $3 down to about $1.75.  Again, if you need and will use paper towels, great deal!  But, if you use one roll of paper towels a year, then you’ve just made more clutter, and wasted money.
  3. PAY ATTENTION especially, to your items being rung up.  I can’t tell you how many times I have noticed a discount fail to be applied, and thank goodness I noticed it to be able to tell the cashier and get it fixed.
  4. Think a dose of financial bullbusting might be right for you?  Click here to set up a complimentary interview with The BullBuster herself!


May 22, 2012  

I Can’t Speak In Front of Audiences


(Podcast is available at the bottom of this article!)

Speaking in front of audiences is a fear many people have.  That’s unfortunate because many people have to speak in front of people for work if that’s their job, and, if you’re an entrepreneur, speaking in front of large groups is a great way to get more exposure for your business, and you’re missing out by believing that you can’t do it.

I think some of the biggest fears that are easy to hold on to are:

“I’m gonna suck, and people won’t think I did a good job.”

“People will laugh at me.”

“I might get tongue-tied and not be able to speak because I will freeze up from fear.”

And so forth.  Well, in my book, there are really only 3 possible outcomes of any person daring to speak on stage, and here they are:

  1. You will suck.  No, really, you will totally bomb, fail miserably, and people will walk out of the room early because you’re so bad.  If you do this, guess what?  You just gave everyone in that room a great story!  Instead of complaining about whatever crap in their life that’s been dragging them down, they can now focus on you and realize that their life is now much better because, at least they did not make an ass of themselves in front of lots of people!  And, so, you allowed everyone in the room to be happier in their own lives – pretty great if you ask me!  They will go home and tell a good story when they get there.  Oh, and you get to learn from your mistakes, which you simply cannot be more lucky to do – you took the risk to fail, and now, it’s going to allow you to succeed – never forget that!
  2. You will make people laugh….possibly AT you, not with you.  Good job!  So what if people laugh at you because you dress funny, you’re weird, your presentation was funny…that means you got people laughing.  In my book, that’s a great thing.  Laughter means everyone in the room is happy, and you did that!  Laughter, if you haven’t read about it, is also great medecine – by making everyone in the room laugh, you just made them healthier!  Well done!
  3. You will inspire people.  Even if, for the very fact that you ventured onto the stage, scared as shit, not sure you could do it, and taking the risk to fail, you could, potentially, inspire other people.  How great is that?  You have no idea how your very presence in front of a room full of people could leave a lasting, positive impression.

Today’s call to action is – get out there and get speaking!  Start by taking a class, maybe with Toastmasters, or a workshop on speaking, to learn some good speaking strategies.  Next, put together a brief presentation and practice it – use friends, the mirror, or a video camera!  Try it out, practice it, and eventually you will get more comfortable with the material.  Finally, go do it!  If you have the luxury to choose, start with a small audience.  Learn your strengths, learn your weaknesses, and most of all, learn from mistakes.



May 15, 2012  

My Needs Don’t Matter


(You can access the podcast at the bottom of this article.)

This is a tricky lie of the day! Surely, you are not actively using this tought, or walking around believing that your needs don’t matter.  Sadly, this one sits deep underneath our conscious thoughts, so we don’t even know we’re thinking it.

It’s the belief that you are supporting every time you make an excuse to not go to the gym, not get your hair done, not eat good food, not have alone time, and so forth.  It’s so damn easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else’s needs and find validation doing it, because, oh, “I’d be selfish if I put my own needs first…”!!!!!!!! 

Actually, you are being selfish to yourself by not taking care of your own needs.

I realized I was using this very thought this week, when I got a massage.  It dawned on me that it was the first massage I’ve had all year.  As the pain in my body got attention, and thus stopped hurting (yes, because, sometimes your physical pain just needs some loving attention, too) I realized I spent 5 months making excuses about why I couldn’t get a massage.  Time and money were at the top of the list.  But, with the recent Spa Week, I found a $50 massage and decided to treat myself.  And, I then thought of canceling it, can you believe it?  Thank goodness I did not.  Here is what happened during my massage:

  • I relaxed
  • My body stopped hurting
  • I felt nurtured, and I had myself to thank for allowing it to happen, so I felt grateful
  • My mind drifted in a relaxed state of meditation
  • Creative thoughts entered my mind with no effort
  • I came up with the idea for this blog post!

So, why had I spent all that time making excuses to treat myself nicely?  I couldn’t think of one good reason.

Whether you are single, married, a parent, an entrepreneur, have a job, don’t have a job….you deserve to have your needs met, and you do matter.  And, sometimes, you need to show yourself that more than lament that other people don’t treat you with importance – because it starts with you.

So, today’s call to action is to treat yourself with some respect this week.  Focus on a need you have that you have not met in a long time.  Make this about you, not someone else.  Do you need alone time?  Do you want a facial?  Do you need some girl or guy time?  What is something you really enjoy that you’ve been putting off?  When you find it, create a way to nurture that need, ideally this week, but if you can’t then find some time in the next month.  You’ll be glad you did!



May 8, 2012  

I Never Accomplish Anything


(Podcast available at the end of this article – and it’s more animated! ;-) )

I recently realized I had gotten into a habit of beating myself up for all the stuff I didn’t get done.  I pointed out to myself that I neglected to clean off my dining table, hadn’t gotten very far on designing my website, didn’t make an appointment to get my hair cut…, it’s so damn easy to find all that stuff I didn’t get around to!

The list got longer and longer, and I found myself feeling pretty demotivated.  What kind of person doesn’t get their hair cut, after all?  And, how lazy am I that I didn’t finish my website yet?

Hey, any of this crappy line of thinking sound familiar?  If it does, then you know how much it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I finally got so damn tired of beating myself up, that I decided to prove myself wrong.  I went to Staples (for any of you reading this from another country, that’s our local Office Supply retail chain) and bought a Weekly calendar, and I used it to create a

Done List

(Yes, it’s so important, I had to put that in it’s own box!)  The Done List is NOT about writing down what you have yet to get done, and checking it off.  NO NO NO, all those reminders were not what I wanted.  Instead, at the end of each day, I have been writing down what I got done!  In other words, all my accomplishments for the day.  Let me give you a few from the past week, because I am now really proud of myself, and I feel like sharing:

  • Coached 4 clients
  • Updated a part of my website that I just could not figure out how to do, and finally figured out!
  • Went to Zumba class twice
  • Had a girl’s sleepover party!!
  • Saved $700 on a medical bill! Holy shit, I still can’t believe that one.
  • Enjoyed a lunchtime walk in the park with two friends

My list for the week is MUCH longer, and I eagerly approach each evening now, with what I got done.  And, despite what you think, it is not difficult!  Sometimes, I might be celebrating watching TV or reading a book, sometimes, I am honoring a positive step towards a difficulty in my life.  I got to see that I am making time in my life for fun, well-being, work, and fulfillment – leaving me feeling more balanced, and more inspired to keep accomplishing more.

So, today’s call to action is – get out there and create your own Done List!  It can be in any form you wish – on the computer, a piece of paper, a dry-erase board, a calendar… – just spend each evening writing down the accomplishments you got done today.  It can be one thing, it can be many, there are no rules.  It can be “big” or “small”, alone or with someone – anything that allows you to realize you rock and you kick ass, and keep doing it!


May 1, 2012  

I Can’t Publish My Website Until It’s Perfect


I can’t tell you how much I hear this lie or some version of it!  I hear and see it so much, that I am going to make this a podcast and a blog so you can really let the message sink in, ;-) !  (Scroll to the bottom of this post for the podcast.)

If you’re a sole proprietor launching a business, every day you hold off publishing your website, is just one more day you deny everyone the pleasure of finding you. 

Entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and small business owners, especially, seem to really struggle with having to get things perfect before they put them out to the world.  You have to know all the pages that will go on your site, the text has to be perfect, your message has to be perfectly clear and concise, spelling and grammar must be checked…..yes, it’s true, having a professional looking site is a good idea, but it takes time to get your site to the point that it’s “perfect” – in quotes because, quite honestly, your opinion of perfection is going to change every few weeks or months, and you will be making changes and updates all the time!  So, what are you waiting for?

I hate to break it to you, but when you do publish your site, even if you have grandiose music playing in your mind, and wait for the stars to align, have a glass of champagne at the ready, and your heart thumps loudly, no one will know you launched it but you!  Unless, of course, you told your parents and friends, and then, maybe 6 people will know. 

It takes time to get people to know about your website, even if you launch right into mad advertising!

In an effort to inspire those of you who are putting off the publication of your site because you’re waiting to think it’s perfect, I am going to let you use me as a guinea pig!  So, I have not officially launched it yet, BUT, I have a new BullBusting venture coming.  It’s called, The BullBuster Boardroom and will be a place for busting the bull standing in the way of financial empowerment and business success.  The site is actually live, but I am nowhere near done filling in the text, and explanations that will go there.

So, as of this blog posting, May 1st, 2012, if you go to the boardroom now, at, you will see a really incomplete website.  It’s got a lot of work to go, and your call to action for today is to feel free to check back to that site every week or two, and watch it develop.  You will see me figuring out the right words, the right layout, the whole thing in action!  And, may my incompleteness inspire you to just get your own business out there, and relish in the development process, imperfections and all!



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